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New US President Trump or Biden, US policy on China will not change

  New US President Trump or Biden, US policy on China will not change Before the US presidential election the national convention of the two political parties, Democrats and Republicans, is an opportunity for voters to learn about the internal policies of presidential candidates. But this year much was also learned during these conventions about China, whose relations with the United States are currently going through a very difficult period.   As president, Biden's policies on China will remain strict, but they will be based on arguments and facts, not just rhetoric and political self-interest. It is clear that Chinese companies believe that whoever comes to the US presidency, the strict policies of the US towards China will remain the same.   People working inside China's technology companies have said that Biden's presidency would be much better for them than President Trump's four more years in power, as President Trump's term could be extremely uncerta

All schools in the Chinese city of Wuhan will be open from Tuesday

  All schools in the Chinese city of Wuhan will be open from Tuesday Authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the global coronavirus outbreak began, have announced that all schools will reopen next Tuesday. According to officials, 1.4 million children are studying in the city's 2,842 schools. Authorities have instructed children to wear masks on their way to and from school and to avoid public transport as much as possible.  The administration of each school has been instructed not to allow children to gather in one place unnecessarily. And submit reports on children's health on a daily basis. Authorities further directed that the supply of essential medicines and medical equipment be ensured in schools and that children be made aware of the Corona virus epidemic. Authorities have also called for online classes in the event of a possible new outbreak of the corona virus.

Beauties of The World; How you be like the beautiful women of the world?

  How you be like the beautiful women of the world I have heard that the maidens of heaven will be beautiful. But very few people know that there are many countries in this world where beautiful women like maidens live. Here we are talking about the Egyptian, Lebanese and Venezuelan women it is said that they are very beautiful. Egypt is said to still have a glimpse of Yusuf's beauty. Egyptian women are their own example in beauty. The most beautiful queen Qulu Patra also belonged to Egypt. Her beauty is still talked about today. It is said that she bathed in milk, rose water and honey and used almond oil to enhance her beauty. That is why Egyptian women today do not forget to use olive and almond oil, milk and honey for their beauty. That is why Egyptian women with beautiful eyes, sharp noses, pink lips and smiles look no less than princesses. Their special clothes and ornaments also make them beautiful. According to a report, Western women use natural products such as goat'

5 habits that keep you motivated daily

  5 habits that keep you motivated daily Believe me friends, this is perfectly normal, that you are often in a very excited mood, and you have the passion to do something, to work hard, but the next moment you lose interest in it. , And feel discouraged. One reason for this is that we are living beings, not machines or robots. Secondly, we must always remember that encouragement and willpower are only temporary emotions and feelings. To keep us moving ahead, and often to keep us motivated, a lot of our good habits are involved. So let's read, understand and practice these 5 special habits in this regard, which will be very useful to adopt, Insha Allah. 1.      Completing one important task daily If you plan to go for a morning walk, exercise, cut down on breakfast or do some other important work last night, so try your best to follow it. Believe me, when you finish your first job, you will get excitement. There will be a beautiful feeling of getting the job done. Which will

Bad Habits which damage the battery of Smartphones

  If you also use mobile in this way, wait, it can also damage the battery of your mobile We all have a habit of using smartphones because this device has become the most important part of our lives and many tasks are accomplished through it. But have you ever considered that when you buy your new phone, after a while its performance is not the same as before? One of the reasons why the performance of the phone is affected is our own minor mistakes which we make normal and the battery of our phone starts getting affected from time to time. So let's find out what are the habits that are damaging the battery of our smartphone. 1.       Multiple applications open at the same time Our smartphone has multiple applications open at the same time, and because of this we also receive frequent notifications from almost every application. Having multiple applications open in the smartphone at the same time affects its battery, it is important that you keep all the applications in your p

Christchurch tragedy convict Brenton Trent has been given a severe punishment

 The Terrorist Christchurch (August 27, 2020) Brenton Tarant, accused in the Christchurch tragedy, was sentenced to life in prison. Brenton, the killer of 51 people, has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. According to the details, the culprit of the Christchurch tragedy has been given a severe punishment. The court has sentenced Brenton Tarant, the killer of innocent worshipers, to life imprisonment without parole. According to the news agency, this is the first time in the history of New Zealand that such a court decision has come in which the culprit has been sentenced without parole. Brenton was charged with 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism. According to further details, the 29-year-old convict, who believed in the supremacy of the white race, confessed his crimes before the court.   Christchurch High Court Judge Cameron Mander, who is hearing the case, said a fixed sentence would not suffice. The judge added that the offe

Forgotten lives (Transgender)

Forgotten lives (Transgender) Who am I? This is a question that many people ask me. I wonder if those viewers don't see that I am a human being. This question wreaks havoc on me. Why am I like this in the end? Why don't I have an identity? Why don't I have the right to live like everyone else? Being transgender is not a person's personal choice, it is by nature. But our conservative society fails to understand this. In our society, they are held to the lowest level of truth and honour. A society is considered intellectual only when it treats everyone equally. But on the contrary, in our society, they are rejected in all matters. Whether it is a matter of education, a matter of working in a place of honour, a matter of sexual violence or abuse, health and protection, a matter of participating in any political or economic activity, be understand that in every matter of life our Society pushes them away. Even the birth of transgender is considered a sign of disrespect an

Efforts to persuade Saudi Arabia to support the Israeli-UAE peace deal have intensified

Efforts to persuade Saudi Arabia to support the Israeli-UAE peace deal have intensified The US president's son-in-law is due to visit the Gulf States next week, and talks are expected with Saudi Arabia on allowing Israel to use Saudi airspace. Riyadh (August 26, 2020) A number of Gulf States have backed the peace agreement between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. However, the Saudi government has stated that Saudi Arabia will not establish diplomatic relations with Israel until Palestine is recognized as a state. However, a report in an American magazine said that the US President had made every effort to persuade Saudi Arabia to establish good relations with Israel. US officials are trying to get Saudi Arabia to issue a statement in support of the Israeli-UAE peace deal. A series of commercial flights are being launched between Israel and the UAE. For which Israel has requested Saudi Arabia to allow its planes to use Saudi airspace to reach the UAE. No statement has been i

India, China Tensions: Does India wants war with China?

  India, China Tensions: What Military Options Does New Delhi Have Against China? The 31-word comment made by India's Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat on August 24 has been on the front page of most Indian newspapers and has been the subject of much debate. He told ANI: "there is a military option in Ladakh to deal with Chinese military incursions, but it will be taken only when military and diplomatic talks fail’. Hardly any of the veterans in the defence service were surprised by his statement. Former Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General (retd) DS Hooda said: 'Can the CDS say there is no military option? I think they were just stating the facts. " Retired Air Chief Marshal Anil Khosla said, "I did not find anything wrong with what the CDS said. It was a measured statement and I think it should have come a little earlier. What does India's 'military option' mean? There is no doubt that the Indian Army finds itself engaged