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5 habits that keep you motivated daily


5 habits that keep you motivated daily

Believe me friends, this is perfectly normal, that you are often in a very excited mood, and you have the passion to do something, to work hard, but the next moment you lose interest in it. , And feel discouraged. One reason for this is that we are living beings, not machines or robots.

Secondly, we must always remember that encouragement and willpower are only temporary emotions and feelings. To keep us moving ahead, and often to keep us motivated, a lot of our good habits are involved. So let's read, understand and practice these 5 special habits in this regard, which will be very useful to adopt, Insha Allah.

1.     Completing one important task daily

If you plan to go for a morning walk, exercise, cut down on breakfast or do some other important work last night, so try your best to follow it. Believe me, when you finish your first job, you will get excitement. There will be a beautiful feeling of getting the job done. Which will have a huge impact on the rest of the day. You will feel inner happiness when you complete even a small task well. You'll be glad you finally took the first step.

2.     Doing more or less than before

When we complete our assigned tasks, it may happen that the same routine bores you. To avoid this, you have to do your job differently. Like changing the way, going to a new place for a walk or exercise, etc. If you have 5 tasks to do in a day, do 3, or feel the inner joy by doing 6 to get more excited, that is all I used to do before, and today I have done more.

3.     Writing and deleting your important tasks

When you write down your important tasks, goals, it means that you have taken the first step towards action. Writing in a way that not only motivates you to act but also signals to your brain that you have to do it anyway. And when you complete these written tasks in the best way possible, your mind gets the joy of completion. Which creates a positive motivation inside you that keeps you on your journey in the best possible way.

4.     Give yourself a second chance.

What happens is that when we start doing our work, it is not necessary that we complete all the work on time or in the best way, so it is better to give yourself a second chance to keep your behaviour perfectly normal than to be upset, anxious or irritable. Get some rest and start your work well again, or put it off for another day. Never blame yourself or say negative things when something is incomplete or not good.

5.     Accept the result of what you have done.

When you have taken on the responsibility of doing something, then try your best to do it well, and whatever the outcome, accept it gladly. Don't be permanently discouraged before starting any work, in the middle or if the result is bad. If the result of an action, despite your good intentions and bravery, goes against your expectations, then accept it as the expediency of Allah Almighty.

These are the five most important things we can do in our routine life and can maintain our motivation. But if that still doesn't seem possible, or if it seems difficult, then remember what I said at the beginning of this article, that we are a living human being, not a machine or a robot.


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