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Bad Habits which damage the battery of Smartphones


If you also use mobile in this way, wait, it can also damage the battery of your mobile

We all have a habit of using smartphones because this device has become the most important part of our lives and many tasks are accomplished through it. But have you ever considered that when you buy your new phone, after a while its performance is not the same as before? One of the reasons why the performance of the phone is affected is our own minor mistakes which we make normal and the battery of our phone starts getting affected from time to time. So let's find out what are the habits that are damaging the battery of our smartphone.

1.      Multiple applications open at the same time

Our smartphone has multiple applications open at the same time, and because of this we also receive frequent notifications from almost every application. Having multiple applications open in the smartphone at the same time affects its battery, it is important that you keep all the applications in your phone closed that you do not need.

2.       Bad service

There are often places where the network of the SIM attached to the mobile phone is not received, and in such cases frequent SMS and calling can affect the battery of the mobile phone. In places where there is a network problem, it is important to avoid making calls and texting in those places as this habit can lead to immediate damage to your phone's battery.

3.      Keep the Bluetooth open at all times

Many people seem to be very careless about smartphones and even after using Bluetooth they forget to turn it off. This habit of leaving Bluetooth open, without any reason on a smartphone can damage the phone's battery, so it's important to turn it off as soon as Bluetooth runs out.

4.       Make photos and videos all the time

This is a very common habit that is found in most of us, taking pictures and videos all the time has a very bad effect on the battery of the smartphone. Avoid taking pictures and making videos on mobile at all times, it will not damage the battery of the mobile.


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