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Beauties of The World; How you be like the beautiful women of the world?

 How you be like the beautiful women of the world

I have heard that the maidens of heaven will be beautiful. But very few people know that there are many countries in this world where beautiful women like maidens live. Here we are talking about the Egyptian, Lebanese and Venezuelan women it is said that they are very beautiful. Egypt is said to still have a glimpse of Yusuf's beauty. Egyptian women are their own example in beauty. The most beautiful queen Qulu Patra also belonged to Egypt. Her beauty is still talked about today. It is said that she bathed in milk, rose water and honey and used almond oil to enhance her beauty. That is why Egyptian women today do not forget to use olive and almond oil, milk and honey for their beauty. That is why Egyptian women with beautiful eyes, sharp noses, pink lips and smiles look no less than princesses. Their special clothes and ornaments also make them beautiful.

According to a report, Western women use natural products such as goat's milk, honey, aloe vera and various oils instead of cosmetic companies. But their overweight affects their beauty. In the beauty cycle, they may not be able to focus on their growing weight.

Similarly, Lebanese women are considered the idol of beauty. The thick black hair and blue eyes make the beauty of these women unique. It is said that if one wants to see fairies walking on the ground, he should look at Lebanese women. Thin, skinny, fair-skinned, and white-skinned, fulfilling all the principles of beauty, these beautiful women say that beauty is not only of the heart, but also of the beauty of the appearance is very important. They makes special arrangements to maintain her beauty, and despite her busy schedule, they definitely gives themselves time. They don't forget to take care of their face, hands and feet.

Someone asked the popular poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz, while traveling around the world, which area's women fascinated you the most? The best Urdu romantic poet named the women of Kashmir and Russia.

Russian women with blonde hair and blue eyes are tall, and have a friendly style. The women here do not forget to massage despite their daily activities. While these women believes that there is no beauty without health, so they takes great care of their health.

Turkey is a country with beautiful places where the people are the most beautiful. Seeing the immaculate complexion of the women here, it is thought that they should not get dirty by touching. Colourful eyes, blonde hair, white colour, pink lips, tall stature as well as talented Turkish women feel like princesses of a state. They are known for their beauty that never fades. They look attractive and dignified at every age.

European women are no less. Speaking of Italy, Italian women are known for their lifestyle. The new fashion in the world comes from Italy. Italian women have their own identity in the fashion world. Italian women have valued their beauty since childhood. They do not forget to follow the principles of life. First of all, they consider food as the main cause of beauty. That is why they use foods that keep their skin and face fresh. You will never see Italian women lazy, they stay tight all day, even after working all day, and they walk and go to the gym to maintain their fitness and do not get lazy.

Attractive women of Kashmir are also known all over the world. Kashmiri women's charming eyes, blonde complexion and smile, you will not see anywhere.

The purpose of writing this article is not only to inform our readers about the beautiful women of the world but the methods by which they meet the standards of beauty. By following these instructions, you too can look the most beautiful. There are Pakistani beauties like the beauties of Lebanon, Egypt and Turkey.


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