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Beirut blast: Anti-government protests, angry people enter the Foreign Ministry building

 In Beirut, hundreds of protesters stormed the Foreign Ministry building in protest of a major bomb blast in the country.

Thousands of Lebanese protested against Tuesday's bombing and expressed outrage at the failure of their political leaders.

Protesters are protesting against the government's failure to properly preserve and destroy the ammonium nitrate that caused the destruction of the city. Clashes between police and protesters have also been reported.Some demonstrators also set up fake execution traps in Shaheed Square, expressing their views and sentiments about the country's political leaders.

The march is also aimed at expressing anger against the country's political elite and remembering those killed in the blast.

The blast at the port on Tuesday caused extensive damage in several parts of the city. The Lebanese people are already angry at Lebanon's corrupt and incompetent politicians. The blast was caused by a large stockpile of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse at the port, which was seized from a ship and no arrangements have yet been made to remove the stockpile.

The Lebanese government has promised to punish the perpetrators. But there is widespread lack of confidence and outrage in Lebanonis, where anti-government protests erupted last October after the economic crisis and a sharp devaluation of the currency.

When the two ministers arrived on the scene to assess the situation after the blast, people chased them away. The blast injured about 6,000 people and left 30,000 homeless, according to the latest figures.

On Friday, the United Nations warned of possible food shortages in Lebanon and a possible humanitarian crisis caused by the corona virus.

Many countries have sent aid to Lebanon. The United States on Friday announced plans to send   15$ million worth of food and medicine to Lebanon. The United Kingdom has sent five million pounds of relief supplies to Lebanon by Royal Navy ship.


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