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Challenges Women Face Online

Challenges Women Face Online  

                                                                                             By; Muhammad Aizaz  

Cyber harassment:  

Cyber harassment is a general issue and is not tied to a particular gender but in cases of women and teenage girls its level is severe. 




For example, if a girl creates a Facebook account, she receives a number of friend requests. then if she accepts the friend requests, the boys and men start sending numerous messages texting to be their friend and chat with them. In severe cases men send unethical messages and inappropriate pictures of their private body parts. This normally don’t happen with boys but is very traumatic for teen girls. They start to believe that internet is not a safe place and even deletes their Facebook account to avoid such harassment but it doesn’t stop there because harassment is not specific on a particular platform but on whole internet. Cyber harassment can take many forms, some of them are given below; 


 Women face several issues regarding privacy on internet. They are always at risk that their privacy can be stolen and misused. When creative social media accounts or filling online forms, they hesitate to give their private information like      

      Contact number 

      Email address 

      Residential address 

      Financial details   

Cyber exploitation or Non-Consensual photography: 


It means when a person particularly a girl’s ex-boyfriend   posts her pictures on social media without her consent as a revenge for leaving him after a long relationship. The abuser doesn’t necessarily have to be her ex, he can be a random person hacking into a girl's computer or social media accounts and then posting her private pics for fun.   

Financial Abuse  


The use of internet to cause financial issues to a person (particularly woman) is called financial abuse. It includes 

      Denying access to online payment methods e.g. Jazz cash, Easypaisa 

  Hacking credit card information   

Gender-based slurs and harassment:  



Girls and women often face certain slurs, slangs and degrading words which are disgusting and they feel bad about themselves. It includes 






      Commentary on physical appearance   

Hate Speech against women: 

Hate speech is a very broader term. In general hate speech is any idea or words that 









      Or targets an individual or group 


IRL attack:  

IRL (In Real Life) attack means when an abuser repeatedly contacts the target (especially women) to tell her that he knows her address or place of employment to threaten her 

Rape videos: 



Videos of girl rapes are sold and posted on adult websites to shame and humiliate one's dignity    

Sexual objectification:  


The abuser might edit a girl's simple pic and manipulate people to look it like a porn actress and then make fun of it or use it in memes and funny videos 

Cyber stalking:  



When a person frequently follows and harasses a girl on various social media platforms, it is called cyber stalking. It includes  

      Receiving several texts (many times a day) 

      Getting negative comments on many posts from same person 



Sexting means when a person or abuser send their naked photographs and videos while chatting without any reason. He may want to let her know that he is turned on which is extremely annoying for the girl 




The person who has the phone number or address of a girl may use it in a negative way. For example, he can report a false emergency or accident on a girl’s address and request for help. It is very serious issue and traumatic for the women. 




Human trafficking is selling the humans through online methods. Researches show that seventy-six percent of trafficked persons are girls and women and the internet is now a major sales platform 






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