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Corona hasn't gone yet !!

Corona hasn't gone yet !!

Necessary restoration of nature and condemnation of human beings continues in the case of Corona, some countries and individuals made a mistake by considering it easy, did not take advice and did not touch humanity, they had to suffer a lot, USA, Brazil, Spain, Italy and India have been hit hard, with more than 17 million people worldwide currently infected with the corona virus, although the number of people recovering is high, but the risks remain. The intensity is decreasing rapidly. So far, about 280,000 people have been affected and 242,000 have recovered. The government's efforts and Imran Khan's strategy have been commented on around the world, first criticized and now praised, because hunger and Food shortages have not been allowed, the most welcome thing at the moment is that the country is increasingly using its own products, including testing machines, ventilators, masks and medicines. Bulk Sun is also being exported. Sindh province has been the most affected province in Pakistan. Punjab was second, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was third and Balochistan was fourth. In Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir, which are naturally far away, the number of Corona victims has been low. The sacrifices of the doctors and nurses who lost their lives in Pakistan are the most important, they should be paid special tribute, while 6,000 people died unfortunately, whose pain is shared.
Work on the corona vaccine has also been completed in Russia, China and other countries but  the upcoming Muharram processions could once again put this dwindling number in trouble, so don't miss out on warnings and precautions. Its numbers are increasing in Azad Kashmir۔  More caution and government attention is needed in Rawlakot, Mirpur and Muzaffarabad۔ severity of this humid season can be dangerous۔ Don't let Corona be emotionally sacrificed on Muharram۔ and the situation is out of control۔ The world is suffering from severe economic recession from Corona, employment, business and especially education have been severely affected, the government of Pakistan has given a comprehensive trade package to support business, Private   companies should take advantage of it, In particular, the SBP has given a long-term loan scheme with a modest mark-up. A separate scheme to save jjob.  while the “Successful Youth Program” has a loan scheme of one lakh to one and a half crore. Similarly, more than 25 million people have been helped through the Ehsas program.  660,000 people have died from Corona in the world, this long and difficult virus was a new experiment, which challenged the new scientific research. just be careful and if possible, All Muslims should ensure forgiveness from Allah, self-accountability and admonition so that trouble is not allowed to become a nuisance. The world is still reeling from the corona virus and condemning mistakes. Do not declare victory now because Corona hasn't gone yet!!           


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