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How does the vaccine work?


How does the vaccine work?

The vaccine is being developed from a genetically modified virus that infects monkeys with the common cold. The virus has been modified so that it does not infect humans and looks like a corona virus. To do this, scientists have transmitted the genetic properties of coronavirus-like proteins in the body to the vaccine. This means that the vaccine will be similar to the corona virus and the human immune system will learn how to attack the corona virus.

What are antibodies and T cells?

Conversations about coronavirus prevention have focused on antibodies, but they are only part of the human immune system. Antibodies are small proteins in the immune system that stick to the outer surface of viruses. Neutralizing antibodies can inactivate the corona virus. A neutralizing antibody is an antibody that protects cells by neutralizing any pathogens or harmful substances.

T cells are a type of white blood cell, these cells are important soldiers of the immune system. They find and destroy cells in the body that have been infected with the virus. With almost all effective vaccines, antibodies and T cell reactions begin. The level of T cells in the body reaches its peak in 14 days after the vaccine is given. The level of antibodies reaches its peak after 28 days. The latest study, published in the medical journal Lancet, is just days away from finding out how long the vaccine can produce T cells and antibodies.

"We are very pleased with the results published today because we are receiving both neutralizing antibodies and T cells," said Professor Andrew Pollard of the Oxford Research Group. According to research so far, 90% of the people who have been vaccinated have developed antibodies after being given a single dose.


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