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Infertility is a treatable disease


Infertility is a treatable disease

All are works of nature in which human action does not interfere. Of course we are not worthy of trial. Such women who are deprived of children should pray sincerely. Doctors call such women infertility, which is a disease and it is treatable. According to doctors, what a man does throughout the day has an effect on the sperm that are born in him. In contrast, a woman produce as many reproductive eggs in lifetime, she is born with all of these. While men's life activities such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating non-parallel diet and not exercising affect the birth of sperm and the quality of sperm. Modern research has shown that the male sperm begins to Degradation at the age of 25 years.

Where has man reached in modern times?

There is no doubt that medical science has advanced a lot. And we are the ones who do not try to understand it and take medicine from Hakeem. They have nothing to do with reality. We are Muslims, our religion is Islam and Islam teaches us that there is a cure for everything in the Qur'an except death. We pray five times a day. Remember Allah, if you read the Holy Quran with translation, there is no reason why your illness should not be cured and the intentions of your heart should not be fulfilled. All that is needed is faith.

There is no doubt that infertility is on the rise among the younger generation today and its causes include lack of sleep, restlessness, tension and pollution. One more thing to keep in mind here is that just because a baby is not born early does not mean that the man or woman is infertile. This is because sometimes the birth of a child is delayed due to the hormonal system not working properly. However, doctors say that if you eat a few foods, it can help get rid of infertility and your hormones will change positively. These foods are as follows.

Use of dried fruits

According to research, walnuts are helpful in eliminating infertility.

Men can get energy by consuming this food which is rich in omega 3 fats and vitamin E, which improves their sperm. While vitamin B and protein prove to be better for women's health. The use of this food eliminates the risk of infertility.

Use of beetroot

Beetroot improves blood flow in the body.

It is actually the best source of antioxidants. It also contains nitrate. The use of beetroot is a great recipe to eliminate male impotence.


Fish is rich in omega-3, fatty acids and other nutrients. All of these ingredients are extremely useful for overcoming sexual weakness. Fish is also useful for brain functions and vision.


Spinach is a cheap food which is found in abundance in our country and it is accessible to every human , being. It contains Vitamin B, Iron which is helpful in eliminating infertility.


Eggs contain a variety of vitamins and minerals that have medical benefits. Eggs contain choline, which can help prevent the risk of infertility.


Pulses, beans, sugar, etc. are the best source of protein. The use of pulses facilitates the process of fertilization, it increases the chances of getting pregnant. Pulses and seeds are very useful for women's health.


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