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Literature, Presentation, Slids on Pshto Tapa



By Luqmani Hakeem


Tapa is the shortest, most   comprehensive, attractive, lyrical form of folk poetry in Pashto literature. Pushtoon people feel proud of tapa because this genre can be hardly, found in any other language however Maheya of Panjabi language is the replica of Pushto tapa.

Poetical style

 Pushto Tapa contain two lines one is short having nine syllables and the other one is little bit longer and having thirteen syllables.
زما به ته ياديږى ياره
که ده جنت په منارو ولاړه يمه

( I will miss you dude, If she is standing on the towers of heaven)

Historical background:¨

Historically, Pashto’s Tapa is the oldest and most popular genre of Pashto folk poetry. The first ever know Pushto’s tapa is:

¨سپوږميه کړنګ وهه راخىژه

¨يارمى ده ګلو لو کوى ګوتى ريبينه

(Come out Moon, my friends is cutting flowers, will cut fingers)

Role of Pushto Tapa in war

  During the war time Pushton wives would sing tapas for their husband, before they were leaving for     war, in order to encourage to fight well in the war.

که په ميوندکښ شهيد نه شوى

ګرانه لاليه بي ننګۍ له دى ساتم

( If not martyred in Maivand,  Dear Love keep me safe from this shame)

Pushto Tapa as mirror of Pushton’s culture, 

customs and way of life.

  As every literature reflects its society in which it is existed, so, on the same way Pushto tapa tells

 us about its culture and custom and way of life. As-

خه ده چى دواړه  پښتانه يو

ستا لوپټه زما ببر ببر بريتونه

(It is true that both are Pashtuns, you have Shawl and I have large mouthstache.)

خدايه په شړک باران راښکي کښ

چي شال ي لوند شى ده شړۍ محتاجه شينه

     (God bless the rain, when the shawl is wet and she becomes necessitous for mine)


British imperialism is resisted in Pushto tapa.

  As Asia was the colony of British Empire, so, when British ruled us, the Pushton women would sing to resist their power or ruling over them, which may come under the umbrella of post colonialism. As in the following Tapa:

په ملاکنډ بلي لمبي دي

لاليه پاسه انګريزان راغلي دينه

(Malakand is on fire, my love wake up, the Britishers have arrived)

Pushto tapa as the representation of Pushton history.

  Pushto Tapa tells us the history and historical events of Pushtons.

که په ميوندکښ شهيد نه

ګرانه لاليه بي ننګۍ له دى ساتمه

It tells us about the battle of Meivand.

ي خداي دي خوار که شير عالم خانه

ده تمباکو په ډنډر چا کړى مرګونه

This tapa is about Sher Alam and Memonai, he killed her because she gave tobacco to a stranger

 at night, when he was not at home.

Tapa was the first way of expression in Pushto literature.

  Tapa was the first way for expression in Pushto literature, people would express their love, feelings 

and emotion. As such things are seen in following Tapas.

ليونۍ بيا تنور لمبه کو

ده ډوډۍ ټپ ي سوار لسم کلى ته زينه

(The mad girl then lit the oven, the sound of bread goes till tenth village)

که ته ده ترور زوى ته واده شوى

ما به ده ډيره غمه زان وژلي وينه

(If you are married to your cousin, I will kill myself sadly)

Tapa as way of consolation:

 The Pushton women would sing tapa in order to console their family members who stay away.

ده مسافر لالي سلګۍ دى

مخ ي وتن ته کۍچى سا ي وخيژينه

(My love is dying in abroad, Move his face to his country to die easily) 

مسافر مه وژني خاونده

ده کور ميرمنه انتظار ورته کوينه

           (O God, do not take life of any one in abroad, his wife will be waiting in home.)


Tapa today: sing as symbol of peace.

     Nowadays, tapa is basically sing for peace, it is the belief of Pushtons that tapa is a, a symbol slogan to condemn war and weapons, guns etc. As

ده امن زيري که چا راوړو

دا لپټه به خيراتى زه ورکومه

(Good If someone give me information about peace, I will give my Shawl in Charity)  


په اوور پسي شي تور ټوپکه

زما ده سرو شنډو لالي خاورو له زين

(Black gun, be in  fire, my love is in the grave because of you)

Pushto Tapa as feministic slogan:

¨  Pushto tapa also shows the ability of female that they can do what men ca. As Bacha khan Baba was of the opinion, ‘’ A society without women, is like riding on bicycle with one wheel.

  که ده ځوانانو پوره نه شوه

  ګرانه وطنه جينکۍ به دي ګټينه

(If the young boys are not enough, Dear country, girls will win you)

          Thank you all



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