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Make time for yourself, you will be happy

People who work hard are more likely to succeed sooner or later. When they succeed, they have everything. But it is very difficult to find time for yourself. All the successes of one's life, name, honor, fame, wealth, relationships, business and everything else comes from one's own efforts. But if he can't give himself time, all these things are useless.

Hardworking people, after working all day, wish at night that they had more time and would work a little more. It is important to keep in mind that work never ends. In spite of all the efforts, there is still incompleteness in everything. Because it is a natural process. You are a human being and a human being is never perfect.  Only Allah Almighty is perfect in every way.

Time never stop for anyone, no one has it. It has to be saved.  When the work is hard, there is also fatigue in the heart, this is also a natural process. If a man keeps dragging himself like this, then one day his heart will get tired, he will lose his courage and he will get sick.

To avoid all these things, man must take time for himself. Go out for a walk and have fun. If it is difficult to go far, take a walk somewhere nearby. Get up early in the morning, listen to the birds, smell the flowers.

We are very strange people. We carry the burden of our office, shop and business home and passed it to wife and children. Similarly, problems and worries at home, we bring it with us to office and business. Doing both is detrimental to us. For this it is necessary to adopt a practical rule that office work will be in the office and home worries will be at home. Because at home you are neither a boss nor a businessman, but the father of your children and the husband of their mother (vice versa). Talk to your children at home, talk to your wife/husband, it will have a great effect on their psyche. There will be happiness in the home and that happiness will make your behavior happy too. Because of this you will be able to work with more passion and energy in the days to come.

Find like-minded friends. Spend your time with these friends. Talk to them about good things. Find out their opinion from them and put your opinion in front of them. Because if your friends think like you, they can help you get to your destination.


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