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Plans to make foodstuffs by importing spices into Pakistan

Plans to make foodstuffs by importing spices into Pakistan

The use of halal animal meat is common in Pakistan, but the waste of slaughtered animals are rarely used. These include animal intestines and droppings, which are mostly found on garbage dumps. However, little is known about the foods that are made and exported from these ornaments. A Pakistan-based company has taken it a step further by planning to import animal waste so that they can be processed and exported to food items made from them.

The export of animal meat from Pakistan and the import of domestic meat from abroad has been going on for a long time. However, now a company operating in Pakistan is planning to set up a factory to import and process animal carcasses.

The company, called The Organic Mate, plans to set up two factories, one to import and process animal waste from abroad and the other to collect animal waste locally. They will be used for export purposes.

In Pakistan, the company is already in the business of processing and exporting a limited number of ornaments, but the company is now going to start the work of importing, processing and exporting the ornaments.

No part of an animal's body is useless

The Organic Meat Company Limited has a meat and vegetable processing plant outside Karachi. Faisal Hussain, chief executive officer of the company, said that there is no part of the body of an animal that cannot be used for food and other purposes. The fur up to the neck of the animal is used to make leather goods such as garments, shoes and purses. There is a huge market for oral fur in Africa that uses it as food. Similarly, the nose and ears of animals are used. It is dried and made into a powder. Similarly, animal tongue is used as the best food all over the world. They also include the intestines of the animal's body, the intestines, and the petals, which are often thrown away in our country but are used to make food in the world.

How many types of ornaments are there?

There are two types of organs found in animals. One of them is called red organ and the other is called white organ. Red organ include the head, kidneys, liver, and lungs, while white organ are associated with the stomach, including the intestines, oesophagus and stomach.

"In Pakistan, the use of red algae, namely Sri Paya, kidney, heart and liver, is common and they are part of our diet, but in comparison, the country does not use white organ (waste) and Nor are they part of our diet. In our country, it is not customary to make sausage from the intestines and soup from the gut, but these things are part of the food in the world and it is also in demand globally.

The business of making food items from ornaments

The business of processing food items into food items is one and a half hundred years old and has been done in different parts of the world. World trade figures for adulterated food items show that the world's trade volume is 8.5 billion. The United States is the largest exporter of this type of food item in the world and China is the largest importer of these items. Middle East country of Syria has been very strong in the processing of alloys, which has been collecting alloys from different Arab countries and preparing food items from them and exporting them to different parts of the world. He said that there is a huge demand for food made from alfalfa in the Far East and seeing this demand, he has started work on this project.

Why waste organs will be imported

Garbage is nothing just that is garbage for Pakistan but it is a big business in the world. Currently one plant slaughters 250 animals a day and processes its meat and waste. This plant is outside Karachi where it is difficult to process by importing alloys from Karachi as the alloys deteriorate very quickly. Therefore, the company is setting up a factory in Korangi area of ​​Karachi to collect and process them as soon as possible so that the waste can be collected and delivered to this factory in the shortest possible time for processing. The company was setting up a factory in the Export Processing Zone to import and process the products. So that they can produce food items that are in line with world standards.

 Animals slaughtered in Pakistan are smaller in size than European animals. That is why their waste are also small. "In our country, an animal weighing three to four hundred kilos is considered a large animal, but in Europe, the size of an animal starts from seven hundred kilos. Their leaves and petals also come out of the same size as the A-category and the food items made from them are in great demand in the world. The company would process the ingredients and export the food items.

Why local delicacies are not very useful

Regarding the dumping of slaughtered animals and their waste in Pakistan, deteriorate in a short time if not handled. If the ingredients are handled immediately and stored properly, then these are A-class ingredients which are also of high quality and are in demand all over the world. However, this does not happen in Pakistan and it takes so long to secure the waste that they become 'B class' waste. Pakistan is the only Muslim country in the world where animals are slaughtered in houses and on the streets. We do not have a culture of handling waste at the time of sacrifice, so they are often discarded or damaged or become 'B-class' by the time they reach processing. After slaughtering the animal, it remains in heat for six to seven hours and during this time it is washed and cleaned and kept at a temperature below four degrees, then it will be A class waste and it will be made from it. The food is also of high quality


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