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My Lord, open my chest and make my task easy for me and untie the knot of my tongue so that people may understand me. [Amen]

Allah makes the way to Paradise easy for him who travels in search of knowledge [Hadith]

Knowledge is the name given to connecting the state and religion to a new power structure and to be active in constant efforts and directions. This movement has its roots in the history of Muslim society. If you turns the pages of history, then the beauty of knowledge seem to be spread in every direction.

One aspect of knowledge is that we see the most authoritative books of hadith. If you go back a little, you will see the Qur'an, the greatest pioneer of knowledge, enlightening the heart, insight and vision. On which all angles and boundaries of knowledge and action are over.

If you look at the teachings of Islam, and the teachings about Islam, there is a difference between the two. Because both of them have tried to explain the ideological concept. In which, in addition to having a general view, Islamic scriptures and prophetic statements are also taken into account. Man, with his knowledge, cannot stand on the common sense of everyone, nor can he fulfill it. The study of education can be a knot for complex societies.

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania did research on Islamic knowledge, and also published a dissertation, named the "Walking Qur'an". After tackling many challenges, he was awarded commendable prizes and scholarships.

Islamic education is most appropriately arranged according to each of the three interrelated concepts

1.      Training

2.      Student

3.      Discipline

Islamic schools, especially madrassas, are seen as places of corruption for Muslim students and militants.  But it is absolutly wrong concept. These are the learning academies. Where the students get the knowledge of Allah.  Allah keeps them very close who stay with knowledge and those who got out for knowledge. Allah says to all mankind, especially those who have knowledge of the mind and swears by these things in front of them.

1. By the dawn

2. By the ten nights

3. The type of even and odd

Allah has repeatedly said in various places, "And there are signs for men of understanding." It does not say "for those who have brains." The brain is given to everyone but not everyone uses it. Allah likes thinking, prudence and elevation. Keep your thoughts and intentions high and leave the rest to Allah.


  1. Islam is a religion which emphasis on humanity and peace


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