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The Arab world's first nuclear plant in the United Arab Emirates partially commissioned

The Arab world's first nuclear plant in the United Arab Emirates partially commissioned

One of the four units of the nuclear power plant on the Gulf Coast in eastern Qatar has been activated. With the use of South Korean technology, nuclear enrichment has begun at one of Baraka's four reactors. Work on the plant was scheduled to begin in 2017, but was delayed several times due to safety concerns.The UAE wants to meet a quarter of its energy needs from the plant. The Arab country is using sustainable energy sources. Two weeks ago, the United Arab Emirates sent a research mission to Mars. This scientific development has also been attributed to the United Arab Emirates among the Arab countries. The UAE is spending heavily on solar energy, a major source of energy in the Gulf. Some energy experts are questioning the name of the plant. The name of this plant in Arabic means happiness.According to experts, solar energy is more transparent, more affordable and compatible with a region where political conflicts and terrorism continue to occur.Last year, Qatar described the Baraka plant as a major threat to peace and the environment in the region. Qatar is a staunch opponent of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. On the other side of the Gulf is Iran, which is subject to numerous US sanctions over its nuclear program, and Iran is also a rival to the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Paul Darfman, head of the International Nuclear Consulting Group, wrote that in a climate of tension in the region, the nuclear plant makes it more controversial than any other region in the world because nuclear energy creates the ability to Make nuclear weapons.In his analysis, he said that scientists based in London have expressed their concerns about the safety measures of this nuclear plant on technical grounds. According to these scientists, the plant is at risk of spreading radiation pollution in the Gulf.

Significant progress

UAE leaders on Saturday called work on the plant a breakthrough, saying it was an important sign of the country's scientific progress. The nuclear plant has been jointly built by Emirates Energy Cooperation (ENEC) and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). The plant will generate 1,400 MW of electricity. This reactor is designed in South Korea, which is called APR-1400. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which oversees the nuclear program, praised the UAE's nuclear plant in a tweet, saying that unit one of the plant had achieved its first capacity. Which is related to limited enrichment.The IAEA said this was a significant step towards trade activities and the creation of transparent energy. The IAEA has been appreciating the UAE's nuclear program since its inception. Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahan, the leader of the United Arab Emirates, tweeted congratulations to the nation. According to him, with this success, it will now be possible to achieve sustainable energy.


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