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The mystery of the "dead water" that traps ships in the middle of the ocean

In 1893, the Norwegian expedition Joe Friedjov Ninson launched an expedition to the North Pole, after which he rose to international prominence for breaking the record of the northern latitude. 

           He was the first person to observe a strange phenomenon during this journey which has astonished scientists for more than a century. Passing through the Arctic waters of northern Siberia, Nensen noticed that his ship, the Frame, suddenly stopped, even though its engines were running at full speed. Friedjov described the situation as a "mysterious force" that had seized his ship, making it difficult to move. "We tried to get out of this trap, sometimes we pushed here and there, we tried all sorts of strategies to avoid it but with little success," he later said. Nenson became the first person to observe this strange riddle and he named this water trap 'Dead Water'.
Eleven years later, in 1904, the Swedish physicist and marine scientist Wagon Walford Ekman succeeded in identifying this phenomenon and finding the reason behind it. In the laboratory, Eckman observed that in this part of the Arctic Ocean, waves of different densities are formed between the layers of salt and fresh water below the surface. He attributed this to the melting of glaciers, which formed a layer of fresh water over the ocean. This water is more salty and thick. However, during laboratory experiments, Ekman observed that the waves caused the ship to vibrate. This is in contrast to Nelson's observations that his plane stopped at a constant and unusually low speed. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. But an interfaith team from France's National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Poitiers believe they have found the secret.
To understand this phenomenon, a group of physicists, flood mechanics and French mathematicians used mathematical classification and experimental analysis of various underwater waves at sub-pixel pixels. In an article published in the scientific journal PNAS in early July, he concluded that the speed of the waves described by Ekman was due to the different types of waves that form a kind of 'vibrating conveyor belt'. Works as Because of this 'tape' the boats are moving back and forth. Scientists also succeeded in combining Eckman's observations with Nelson's, claiming that the double effect was only temporary.
He also wrote in his article that in the end, "the plane manages to escape from this situation and reaches the constant speed that Nensen described." Experts believe that this phenomenon occurs not only in glacier areas but also in all seas and oceans where water of different densities meet. In a statement to Spain's ABC newspaper, co-author of the study, Jermaine Rousseau, said: There is danger.
Rousseau added that due to the salty seawater and the flow of rivers, this trend has also been observed at the headwaters of rivers such as the Orenco in South America.
Interestingly, this research was not done to unravel the mystery of what happened to Nancy more than a century ago, but to unravel a much older entanglement. The work is part of a larger investigation into how Cleopatra and Marco Antonio's large ships, which faced even weaker ships than Case Octavio, disappeared in ancient Greece during the Battle of Aquia or Actium (31 BC). Were done. Did Axio Bay, which has all the features of a long dark ditch, drown the Queen of Egypt's navy in dead water? This is the question French scientists have asked themselves. "Now we have another speculation to explain this amazing defeat, which in ancient times was attributed to a kind of fish," said the fish caught by the hook.


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