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Positive and Negative Thinking

  The difference between positive and negative thinking The axis of human thinking depends on society, the environment. As the society and the environment will be, so will the thinking begin to flourish. Every picture has two sides, similarly, everything has two sides. One is the positive side and the other is the negative side. The only sign of the decline of any society is negative thinking. Negative thinking disgusts human abilities. In a society where constructive criticism is not tolerated, that society confines itself to the four walls of ignorance. A negative thinking society sinks into the depths of ignorance. Nature takes away their ability to think and understand. Nature has endowed man with many abilities. But man is bent on wasting his abilities. Due to which they are in decline. Developed societies are characterized by tolerance of constructive criticism, logic, argument, and freedom of thought and expression. The question is how to get rid of negative thinking? The

US President Trump announces peace deal between Israel and Bahrain

  US President Trump announces peace deal between Israel and Bahrain US President Trump has announced that the Gulf state of Bahrain and Israel have agreed to normalize relations. "In 30 days, another Arab country has made peace with Israel," he tweeted. For decades, Arab states have boycotted Israel, they had the point that they could only establish relations with Israel once the Palestinian issue is resolved. But last month, the UAE backed a peace deal with Israel, after which it became the first country in the Gulf to make peace with Israel. Ever since then, there has been speculation that Bahrain will do the same. President Trump has acted as a mediator in both agreements. Bahrain is the fourth Arab country to recognize Israel since Israel came into being in 1948. Egypt and Jordan were on the list before the UAE and Bahrain. "Today is another historic milestone," said President Trump. Two of our great friends, Israel and Bahrain, have agreed to a peace deal. P

Teacher should be like this: During exams, the student was busy in her paper and the teacher take care of her child.

  Teacher should be like this: During exams, the student was busy in her paper and the teacher take care of her child. A picture has been going viral in recent days, in which a teacher is holding a child in his arms in the examination hall while all the students present there are seen solving their papers. This picture is not an ordinary picture, people are calling it the best picture of the year 2020 of Afghanistan. This picture is actually of Kabul University. In one of the halls, the students are busy solving the exam papers. It so happened that a student had brought her four-month-old son with her but he was crying a lot, which made it difficult for the student to solve the exam paper. Instead of solving the exam paper, the student was trying to silence her child. When the teacher in the examination hall saw this scene, he came forward and picked up the child. At the same time, he grabbed the child's feeder, so that he could drink it calmly and be quiet, at the same time the

India and China agree to reduce border tensions: The current situation is not in anyone's interest. "

  India and China agree to reduce border tensions: The current situation is not in anyone's interest. " Significant progress has been made in the wake of tensions and clashes on the border between India and China and both countries have decided that their forces will "immediately withdraw" from their current position to end the deadlock. The border dispute between India and China is quite old but this year there have been clashes between the two countries' forces and this month, tensions between New Delhi and Beijing escalated over reports of the alleged abduction of five Indian nationals. The two countries' foreign ministers met in Moscow on Thursday to agree on five points to reduce tensions. Troops on both sides have been involved in clashes over the disputed border area, known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The two countries have accused each other's forces of border violations that have sometimes turned into deadly clashes. In a joint state

Body Language; The way of Expression

  Body Language; The way of Expression Man's walking, getting up, sitting, standing, seeing, hearing, style of conversation, Fluctuation in words, sound, confidence, Positive pride, All these things are very important in the fulfillment of any human personality. Innumerable languages ​​are spoken in the world at present. There are some countries where thousands of languages ​​are spoken at the same time. The most widely spoken language in the world is Mandarin, spoken in China, Taiwan and Singapore. This is followed by Spanish and then English. There is another language that is understood all over the world, that is, the language of signs. The beauty of this language is that it does not need any kind of words, Language is basically a means of communication between human beings, through which human beings communicate with each other. In addition to language, accent is also important for conveying your message to others. The accent is actually explains and interprets our words corr

The women rulers who defeated the corona virus and also took over the country with them

The women rulers who defeated the corona virus and also took over the country with them The corona virus has infected everyone big and small. It also targeted women who take care of their homes and countries. We are talking about women leaders who are heads of state, some are presidents and some are prime ministers. They tried their best to take care of their people in the difficult time and did not leave them alone. These are the courageous women who took such positive steps to face the situation head on, and did not back down. Taiwan's Female President Tsai Ing-wen: To deal with the corona virus in Taiwan, President Tsai Ing-wen took timely action to control everything from travel restrictions to the toughest restrictions. N95 masks were fully supplied across the country. People were prevented from gathering in groups. Mobile awareness campaign launched, heavy fines imposed on non-quarantined people. A lot of work was done for self-health management, and soon Taiwan was a

President Trump's re-offer of mediation to India and China

  President Trump's re-offer of mediation to India and China The first contact between the two countries' defence ministers in Moscow was that Russia could be a key player in a ceasefire because of the close ties between the two countries. Beijing has turned down an offer of US mediation, while India has also shown no interest. India and China are moving more aggressively than expected. US President talks to journalists. US President Donald Trump says US would be happy to help resolve dispute between India and China on the western Himalayan border. Speaking to reporters in Washington, President Trump said the situation between the two countries on the disputed border is extremely tense. He said that India and China were moving more aggressively than expected. Meanwhile, the British Broadcasting Corporation quoted senior diplomatic sources as saying that Washington was not in a position to mediate due to tensions in Sino-US relations. However, Russia has friendly relations w

Dr. Ruth Pfau; an Angelic Human Being

  Dr. Ruth Pfau; an Angelic Human Being History has always kept alive those who keep humanity alive. A great woman like Dr. Ruth Pfau will always be remembered in the history of Pakistan. Despite being a non-religious and foreigner, the example of  Dr. Ruth Pfau 's service to humanity while living in Pakistan can hardly be found anywhere else. Leprosy is a contagious disease. In this disease, the patient gets pus in the body and then the wound becomes so rotten that the flesh begins to fall from the body. It also causes body odor. Dr. Ruth Pfau  was a German woman born on September 9, 1929 in Leipzig, Germany.   Dr. Ruth Pfau  was a gynecologist by profession. If she wanted, she could have taken up the profession and lived a comfortable life in her own country but he gave priority to serving humanity and so she became a regular part of an organization called “Daughters of the Hearts of Mary”. While working in this organization, she needed to go to India for some work but the

China; Its debt to other countries including Pakistan

  China; Its debt to other countries including Pakistan At present, China's debt to the outside world is 1.5 trillion, which is a larger volume than traditional official lending institutions IMF and World Bank. In other words, China is currently the world's largest lender. Last year, China claimed a significant 5% increase in global GDP in exchange for its output. But the global epidemic has severely affected China's exports. A recent article in the New York Times pointed to this serious threat to China. Which is about China's huge debt to the outside world, This huge loan, given by China as part of its 1 trillion mega project Belt and Road program, was given to most of the developing countries. The main purpose of China's 350 billion dollar for the project in 2013 was to strengthen its alliance and increase its influence in the region. These loans were mostly given to countries with weak economies, including Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan. The Corona epidemic h

You too can have an attractive personality, but how?

  You too can have an attractive personality, but how? Let's find out! It is said that some people are very attractive, people listen to them carefully. Try to be and look like them. These attractive personalities make their place in the hearts of most people very quickly. They have the ability to penetrate people's hearts. Such personalities are not man-made. Some things are obviously given to them naturally. However, if certain habits are developed in a person, he can certainly create attraction in his personality. Let's find out what those habits are! Love yourself First of all, know that you have to pay the most attention to yourself and you have to love yourself. People who are satisfied with themselves, builds confidence in their personality and it is this confidence that makes their personality attractive. People who love themselves, they live life to the fullest. His relatives and friends love his presence, at the same time, what methods should they use in their