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Body Language; The way of Expression


Body Language; The way of Expression

Man's walking, getting up, sitting, standing, seeing, hearing, style of conversation, Fluctuation in words, sound, confidence, Positive pride, All these things are very important in the fulfillment of any human personality.

Innumerable languages ​​are spoken in the world at present. There are some countries where thousands of languages ​​are spoken at the same time. The most widely spoken language in the world is Mandarin, spoken in China, Taiwan and Singapore. This is followed by Spanish and then English. There is another language that is understood all over the world, that is, the language of signs. The beauty of this language is that it does not need any kind of words, Language is basically a means of communication between human beings, through which human beings communicate with each other.

In addition to language, accent is also important for conveying your message to others. The accent is actually explains and interprets our words correctly. What you are saying is not so important, what your accent says is very important.

Man also needs words to understand or to explain. But there is a language that does not require words or accents to understand, this language is called body language. Sometimes a person is saying something, his accent is saying something else but body language is saying something else. In that case, these three sources are sending different messages.

    For example, a person who is weak on the inside and has a sense of inferiority, who is also a little bit cowardly, a person with these qualities, if for some reason, will express his anger in appropriate words, then these three things will send three separate messages at the same time. The words are appropriate, the tone is sour but body language clearly shows that it is hollow inside. Along with the sound, his hands will tremble, body hairs will stand up, unconsciously, the fingers of the hands will start play. If he is standing, he will sit down, if he is sitting, he will stand up. When walking in such a state, his hands will start moving faster than his feet that the viewer will think that he is walking with his hands and not with his feet. During this situation, if you ask from such person to pour water into the glass from the jug placed on the table, they will not be able to fill the glass without dropping water on the table.

What is made up of all these accessories is called body language. Now consider that in this situation, these three languages ​​gave three different messages from such a person. The words were polite, of course, but if one would just go by his words, he would not pay much attention to what he said, understand it a daily protests. If the person in front will only go to his tone and accent, then he will have to take his point very seriously. If one leaves the first two things and goes only to his body language, then he will realize that it is the anger of the weak which will start from ignorance and end in remorse.

Take a look at the showbiz people, of course, the choice of words is not unique and if its accent is not very catchy, but in terms of body language, you will find them very dignified and terrifying. In the case of love, language is the last resort to get one's point across. Man's limbs are screaming and telling what he is trying to say or what is in his heart at the moment. In the presence of the concerned person, your body language is different. In fact, from head to toe, your whole body becomes a language and reflects your emotions. You are silent but your body language expresses your feelings. Now it depends on the consciousness of the person in front whether he understands what you are saying or not through body language.

Look at the personality of those who care about all these things and those who don't care about all these things. Analyse their personalities, you will see the difference clearly.


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